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作者: fqybrwg7dg1j    時間: 2013-5-6 05:05     標題: MBT Shoes you are the body a long time to eat something

The endless Xingyu, go back to home, back to the side of the parents. When you see it a monk's terrible, the Fan Ye mind to an hope, he felt his way home did not completely cut off, perhaps there is hope. "I want to become stronger, I want out of this patch of sky, I want to go home, no longer allow parents sad tears, I want their old age full of smile ......" Fan Ye's Word more and more firm, for their own build confidence, said: "I must be able to do, I must do it, I want to go back to their side!" sad and worried about useless, Fan Ye slowly adjust their state of mind, your heart gradually calmed down today affection between an old man and a little girl touched him a little confused and puzzled completely disappeared, his hopes of finding their own goals and direction. "Kowloon pull coffin through the star field, came to this space, they can, I can, I want to become strong enough, sooner or later, I can cross the void, returned home." Fan Ye's eyes increasingly the brighter, he must become stronger, both to save Pombo, or wanted to return home, need strong backing of strength. We knew it, he had a trace of sleepy and fell asleep in the room. Until the morning of the second day, the old man's voice came, he opened his eyes. Child how to room go up, more careful, do not fall off MBT Shoes. "Little girl bleary-eyed out of the room MBT UK Store, to see Ye Fan from the room and sat up, suddenly scared of opening their eyes, said:" big brother are you doing? "in the face of one old and one small doubt, Fan Ye feel a little embarrassed and said:" so hot last night, I came to enjoy the cool room, accidentally fell asleep. "Fan Ye wash finished, the old man told him to to eat, take a small white rice, a dish of pickled vegetables, is very simple, because their condition is limited. Very sensible girl, has long been gracefully dishes, then a bowl of porridge for Fan Ye, Sheng bowl full of his grandfather, but only to her own, and got a little, she had used a small bowl, results Sheng so little, eating a few mouthfuls, and then put down the chopsticks. "How to eat so little?" The elderly asked her. Little girl wearing a patch generally beautiful clothes Supra Footwear, but like a fine porcelain doll, she beat his Tripe, said: "I'm full." "Nonsense, eat a few bites, how to eat it." really up last night, I ate my grandfather left me a chicken, half of the bread, and now not hungry. "said the little girl to reach for their own small bowl, ready to go rinsing. Elderly to pull her back, her small bowl filled with porridge, said: "good girls, you are the body a long time to eat something, do not worry, we home food." "I do not have to worry about, I really had enough, the Grandpa you want to eat some ...... "girl small bowl of porridge down to the large bowl of the elderly a lot. The block is less than for the elderly, no longer say anything, just a sigh. "Grandpa, the bad guys will come today?" The girl flushed face exposed trace of fear look, the sound is very immature, said: "They took away our restaurant
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