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標題: MBT Sale near to come Wen-Chang Chang [打印本頁]

作者: fqybrwg7dg1j    時間: 2013-5-6 06:38     標題: MBT Sale near to come Wen-Chang Chang

Fan Ye landed on the ground MBT Sale, near to come Wen-Chang Chang, said: "Farewell, later I will look at you." Leave for a long time until the Fan Ye, Zhang Wenchang still shouting at his retreating direction. Though you are stiff, but good-natured, kind is a blessing ah ...... "Ma elders walked over, patted him on the shoulder, and then to see the direction of leave to Fan Ye, stared trance, I do not know what to think. Two days later Cheap MBT Shoes Sale, Fan Ye heard the the shortage ancient family jiangjia teamed up with the Shake light Holy Land, is about to enter the remote antiquity forbidden, he gets the message in time there. Horror at the restricted area of ​​life in the State of Yan heartland from all directions into there, determine the route jiangjia Shake light Holy Land, after hearing the news of the monks almost all chose this position. Few days have passed, the light shrine of jiangjia and shake the strong live in a small town in the mountains, still did not leave the meaning of the other monks had lingered in the mountains. Fan Ye wanted to own in-depth, and learned some cases, a series of cold sweat, decided to follow behind in the the shake light shrine jiangjia the. "Let them go to the face of danger, I fish in troubled waters in the back." Panacea his temptation is too great, no matter how dangerous, he must capture the hand, his big advantage is taking a sacred fruit, can resist the forbidden the curse. Mountains external geographical daily can see a lot of unfamiliar faces, East shortage of monks came, more and more people. The past few days Ye Fan has been wandering around, get a lot of valuable information. When a fairy door attack the shortage of the Holy Land ancient forbidden results completely flings, since then the shortage of ancient forbidden become terrible, the monks have a great impact, imprison all the supernatural powers and strength, and even can be a powerful figure cut off as mortal. "For me, perhaps an opportunity!" Fan Ye is no fear in binocular but SG Zhanzhan the. Has passed half jiangjia, shake light shrine still not leave, seemed to be waiting for something. On this date, Fan Ye actually far to see Zhou Yi, Wang Wen, LIN Jia, Li Xiaoman four, the light shrine jiangjia shake many strong protection, walked into the town. "Ye Fan furrowed brow, he knew the two certainly understand that these people have access to remote antiquity forbidden, most want to understand the situation to them, and even let them peer. "Dead, dead, all dead ......" a white-haired old crazy laughing and crying in the mountains, constantly repeating some words. Fan Ye come near, he asked: "The elderly you in what to say?" "Dead MBT Shoes Sale, dead, all dead, into the off-limits, no one can survive ..." he laughing and crying , crazy, said: "I have seen the rivers of blood, bones, such as the mountain screen ......" "......" Fan Ye looked alarmed him. "Hurry back, or you will die." Old crazy Kukuxiaoxiao,, said: "boundless dry bones, dead mountain sea of ​​blood, it ...... again ......" Fan Ye listen to the confused, full of not the color of the solution. At this time, not far from silent no
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