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Spread out I am afraid to be scared out of a chin, really dead than popular. "You must want to learn the kind of occult legend, right? However, it has already cut off tradition for many years, you stay here are not." Several elderly motherhood, take turns opening, said: "Once humble peak, will not re-main peak, but they can re-select the other main peak brother. "" Yeah, you try to join Star Peak reproduction, if tradition here, you can come back next to those younger brother is not too happy, never did not think Star Peak elders To Shoutu the, so humble, this is really no comparison ah. "Let me think ..." Ji chawol does not carefully out of the limelight, with her and is not in phase Fu Smart eyes turn and turn, and said: "Well, I can join the Star Peak, but do not let them talk nonsense. "She pointed to the next several young brother, she thought De the Tai Xuan doors, do not want to prematurely be noted." You can rest assured that "all the elders of the Star Peak laughed Kyi. chawol know, Tai Xuan door, as the level forces, be sure to investigate the identity of the entry-brother, she'd care little about the counterparty knew nothing concealed down a few months, temporarily leave Kyi's house want against her sight, wanted Probe of the door in case of identified her true identity, but also will be open one eye, close one eye, is likely to take even climb relationship Kyi's house old places. The end result, the Ji chawol will low-key Star Peak, to strike their brother. "there is a person mbt shoes sale, look at him! $ Quality? The presence of Fan Ye Gengu also very interested in his Ji chawol, the same here, maybe a day. The Fan Ye completely sealed Oliver, hard as iron of God, there is no point wave Weixinan mbt shoes sale, he do not want to casually exposed to their constitution. "Dragon Tiger step, Gengu, should be extraordinary ... the person next to words, but also did not fall completion, Fan Ye has set foot on the first order of the ladder, a flash of green light, he inverted out a few meters, fall to the ground. This is ... the first order are not crossed? ! "This qualification is too ..." the next admitted discourse, feeling quite silent. "Several Young, make some accommodation, he also incorporated into the Star Peak. "Tony Li next to speak for Fan Ye ......" Star Peak of the elders thought for a while, but eventually nodded and took away one day, that everything should take into account Tony Li feelings. "I would like to thank the kindness of the older generation, I do not want to join the Star Peak, just want to stay here." Fan Ye salute, a few people said so. The presence of a few elders all looked at each other, this is how? Zhuo Feng when so attractive, the extreme height of Star Peak repeatedly been rejected. The previous day perverse Alwutech excusable, now a qualification of young people frown he did so, for them, it is blow. Next few light this year brother almost crazy. They hardships experienced the challenges stand out in the crowd, into business volume peak brother mbt shoes online. Less than today, people keep ignoring the Star Peak, which makes them quite calm days is bad enough, not even a juvenile, so that they feel then? Cleverness Ji chawol blinked eyes, smiled and said: "You stay here
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